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Äntligen har min kusin fixat en header till denna kära blogg, det var fan på tiden.
 Det var nära att hon inte gjorde en , hon orkade tydligen inte men jag fixaden biffen iaf :D
Vad tycks om den ? Ganska sexig va ?

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Min otroligt snygga affisch som sitter mittemot min säng. Vad tycks ??

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I have a little fantasy where in the last episode of the season, we slip into the prison's sewer system, up through the grate, and pop out a hatch - and we're face to face with Matthew Fox and spend season 2 on a tropical beach. - jokingly linking his show, "Prison Break" to "Lost".

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Chad Michael Murray .

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W Miller .

Wentworth Miller hos Ellen.
Så galet underbar i den här videon .

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"When asked what character from literature he would like to play: "Well, if we can expand the definition of literature to include comic books, I'd definitely love a crack at "General Zod" from "Superman". So I'm hoping that Bryan Singer makes a sequel to the "Superman" that's coming out and casts me"

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"I made a decision not to work out because I'm lazy and also, the character is not a superhero. I didn't want him to be a buff guy with Jackie Chan moves because the point is he's smarter than your average Joe" - on playing "Michael Scofield" with his regular physique."

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"I'm kind of a dork. I don't have much game. I'm not particularly comfortable in bars or clubs. I much prefer being home playing Scrabble, having dinner with a couple friends, going to see a movie, or losing a whole weekend to Season 14 of "Law & Order" or "The Simpsons".

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Senaste prision break avsnittet .

Vad tycker ni om Prison break avsnittet idag då?

Personligen så grät jag nästan i slutet, men jag vet inte, det kanske bara var jag....?


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